Constantly Rise of Electricity Price and Tendency to Increase Continuously

Implement advanced technology to manage municipal waste and convert into alternative fuel in order to minimize the use of fossil fuel and maximizing the benefit from the by-product of waste without disposing any residual

Petrol & Gas Station

TPIPP operates the total of 12 Petrol & Gas Stations

Waste with economic value can be reused

“Zero Waste Plan” aims to fully utilize all the resources used in the production process, thereby increasing the company’s operational efficiency while reducing any potential environmental impact

Mr. Prachai Leophairatana
Chairman of the Board
TPI Polene Power Public Company Limited

TPI Polene Power Public Company Limited pursues its business operations with a full commitment to good corporate governance, with an emphasis on transparency, ethics and responsibility shareholders.

Customers, employees, society and stakeholders. Moreover, the Company emphases and promotes corporate governance culture in a concrete manner, from initiating corporate governance project, the adoption of the corporate governance charter, the nourishment of corporate governance principle, to the promotion of corporate social responsibility.

The Company also issued a Code of Conduct, which is constantly reviewed to be suitable for dynamic environment. The Board of Directors has acknowledged and been followed the “Best Practice” guideline to comply with the Stock Exchange of Thailand. As a result, the Directors, the management, and all levels of staff have carried out their duties with honesty, integrity, and good ethics; to represent the members of leading and long-standing reputable company in Thailand.

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